Starline Real Estate is a boutique real estate office with 45 years of experience in acquisitions, leasing, rehabilitation, interior designing, staging, and property management. Our team is here to help you with your needs no matter if it is your first apartment or second home.

Our experience and relationships have made Starline Real Estate a well-received and respected company connecting great owners with great tenants. We strive to provide both owners and residents the latest technology applications listing our properties on several social media avenues. Our staff is here to help customize our services to fit your needs and fit your budget.

  • Each person who intends on living in the unit who is over the age of 18 must fill out an application. 
  • Applicants must be able to show one of the following: • Verification of Drivers License • Verification of Social Security Number • Verification of Birth Date 
  • Acceptable forms of income verification include, but are not limited to the following: 2 current pay stubs with YTD earnings and/or most recent W-2, the most recent year’s tax returns, six months of bank statements that reflect an income/rent ratio of 2.7 to 1, proof of government income such as social security, unemployment, disability, welfare, etc., proof of retirement or investment income, proof of receipt of court-ordered income such as child our spousal support, or proof of other legal, verifiable income.
  • A credit check, criminal background check, sex offender check will be made on all applicants. Credit score (fico) should be no less than 650 for standard approval. Applicants with a credit score of 649-540 may be conditionally approved. A “conditionally approved” applicant or one with less than 6 months rental history, must be able to pay additional move-in costs of up to two month’s rent. All approved applicants move-in costs must be certified funds and present prior to move-in. Regardless of the move-in date, one full month plus the security deposit will equal the move-in costs.
  • Must not have prior evictions, unlawful detainer filed, or felonies against person or property. We will conduct an eviction, unlawful detainer, and criminal background report on all applicants.
  • Gross household monthly income must be 2.5 times the monthly rent and for some properties, 2.7. If concerned about the income requirements, please ask before applying.
  • There is a $30.00 non-refundable application processing fee for each applicant. We accept paypal, cash, personal check, money order, or cashier check.
  • Some of our properties accept pets. If you have a pet, let us know.
  • Section 8 is only accepted at some of our properties, so please ask before applying.
  • Inside of unit must be viewed before application can be submitted.
  • Co-signers or Guarantors are only accepted at some of our properties, so please ask before applying. Cosigners or Guarantors must have a gross rent to income ratio of 4 to 1. An unsatisfactory credit report will disqualify a cosigner or guarantor. An unsatisfactory credit report is one, which reflects past or current bad debt, late payments or unpaid bills, liens, judgments or bankruptcies.
  • We are an equal opportunity housing provider and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, handicap/disability, familial status, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, medical condition or source or income. 






  • Make sure you have read and meet our renting criteria found under the section called “Do I qualify?” to determine if you qualify. 
  • All application proposals will be evaluated based both on the information obtained in the rental application and credit report but also the amount of rent offered.
  • The application is 2 pages in length and needs to be filled out COMPLETELY. Use black ink only. You MUST hand sign and date the last page. Sorry, computer generated signatures are not acceptable. Include 2 most recent pay stubs, previous residence security deposit return letter, and any other documents you deem necessary, ie. letters of recommendation from current landlord/ property manager.
  • Either Mail, Email or Fax application.  Mail to Starline Real Estate, P.O. Box 9194, Marina Del Rey, CA 90295.  Email to Fax to (509) 753-0007.
  • There is a non-refundable $30 application fee for each applicant who intends on occupying the unit who is over 18 years of age. Please use the yellow Buy Now link below for payment.  

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We are a Fully Licensed boutique property management company specializing in single and multi-family properties by meeting the needs of property owners and tenants.


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Never fear! These easy DIY tips will help you restore your apartment or all of its former glory (or at least to the state it was in before you got there). They’re all relatively inexpensive and you can use items you have around the house.